The Nile House is a research center under the Center for International Development and Policy (CfIDP) at the Florida University Southeast (FUSE). As part of its research partnership and fellowship program, the Nile House is engaged in the following: 

The Nile House 2023 Event Schedule

The Nile House in partnership with the International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research Study (ICIRS) hosts monthly webinar, book review, seminars, and international conferences. See the event calendar below:

April 29, 2023 Georgetown University, Washington DC Dmystifying the Nile' Book Lunch and Panel Discussion -

July 15, 2023 - Virtual Symposium: Post Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)



September 14, 2023 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia International Conference: The Nile River Basin Sustainability

What we do

The Nile House serves as a platform for professiohals, scholars, and policy makers to exchange ideas, discuss, challenges, and opportunities in the Nile River Basin


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Engage in Research

The Nile House creates a platform for researchers from the riperian countries and beyond to come up with a path forward to address sustainability related issues the basin is facing.

Support Ways to Improve Tourism

From the lower tip of the Nile through Egypt, this long river offers various tourist attractions to millions around the world. The Nile House works with partnering organizations to promote tourism in the region.

Work with Riparian Countries to Maintain the Nile Eco-System

The Sudd located in South Sudan is one of the largest swamp lands in the world and home to hundreds of species. Protecting the Sudd means protecting the environment of the region. The Center works with regional researchers to identify and propose ways to maintain the viability of the swamp and its environs.

Support Regional Partnerships

The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) is an intergovernmental partnership of 11 Nile Basin countries trying to forge lasting relationships to maintain the basins livelyhood. The Nile House offers support to initiatives that contribute to this goal.



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